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Football Sweepstakes Program

About the Sweeps:

This is a unique sweepstakes that runs for a 10 week period. There are multiple winners and you may even be a winner for losing! This program benefits PA Charities.

More Info:

Tickets will be available after the District Deputy Orginizational Meeting.

How it works?

  • 10 Chances to Win Per Ticket.
    • $2,500.00 in Weekly Prizes
    • $25,000.00 in Total Prizes
  • Prizes Are ONLY from tickets sold by:
    • PA Knights of Columbus West for the western half of PA
    • PA Knights of Columbus East (for the eastern half of PA.
  • Each ticket provides 4 random Professional Football Teams per week.
  • Your "Score" is the Total Number of Points each game per week.
    • In other words, the final score added together
      (a score of 21 to 14 would be 35)
  • Prizes are determined by:
    • The Highest 4-Team Total per week.
    • The Lowest 4-Team Total per week.

More Info

Information Poster (2017)

Instruction Sheet (2017)

Other Documentation
Sweepstakes Program Report 2017-2018
Sweepstakes Program Report 2016-2017

Please Note:

Anyone with a prize listed less that $10 will receive $10. We are working on getting the prize print out corrected.

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